Aug 182013

Thanks very much to all of the volunteers, Slow Money entrepreneurs who contributed their time and food and everyone who spread the word and attended this past Monday night.  We should especially thank the SLO Grange for use of their wonderful Grove venue, which they worked hard to get ready for this past Monday night. And thanks to those who “tipped” the Grange and helped with their building fund. They were pleased with the assistance towards upcoming projects!

I estimate we had about 80 attendees and we added more than 25 names to our email group. I had a number of conversations with potential investors and food entrepreneurs.  And there were many positive comments about the event, Marco the speaker and of course, the great food. Hope to see many of the new folks at our Thursday, Sept 12 meeting.

Marco Vangelisti provided great insight on the need for Slow Money in a world where Banking and Finance are broken, beginning his talk with an appropriate quote from the book, Slow Money. Marco enjoyed our event and sent me the following follow up comments and links for all.

[From Marco Vangelisti]

What a pleasure and an honor it was for me to experience the strength of community connections being woven in SLO around the Slow Money idea and be able to celebrate with you the success of the Slow Money SLO in its first year! Thank you Jeff for taking the initiative to start the effort in the spring of last year, for gathering such a committed group of volunteers, community members and entrepreneurs and for inviting me to be part of this special event. The imperative to build community resilience points to the need to move towards relocalizing our investments and the beginning of this process is already underway in SLO. 

For those of you still on the fence about moving some of your investment money into the local economy, I wanted to share my personal journey, which I alluded to on Monday, in this video of my talk at the Slow Money National conference in Boulder Colorado this past April. 

I also wanted to share with you some information about the Essential Knowledge for Transition curriculum which I have been developing in the last couple of years to allow communities to understand the large systems (money and banking, economics, and finance) and increase the effectiveness of their efforts towards a better future by locating them in the context of those large systems. 

I look forward to witness the beautiful unfolding of your local commitment and effort towards a healthy and resilient community.

All in all, a great way to start our second year, and thanks to some donations from within the group and all the volunteer help, a very economical event.

It was especially cool because the SLO Permaculture class had just presented their vision (class project) for the SLO Grange the weekend before and this was displayed as a part of the Grange table at the event.

Thanks again to those who stayed late to clean up and put chairs and tables away into the Grange!

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