What is the FarmSLO Program?

FarmSLO is a program started and supported by the non-profit Slow Money SLO. 

Participation is for and by small, local commercial farmers. There is no fee or obligation of any kind to participate.

FarmSLO provides focus for our work with small, local farms including:

  • A farmer led team with personal knowledge of the challenges, opportunities and needs
  • An online group for small farmer community discussions – exclusively for small, commercial farmers
  • Work with school food services to increase farm buying
  • The Slow Money SLO Wilhelm Farm Fund providing short term financial assistance
  • Farmer assistance through business coaching
  • Occasional scholarships for educational events
  • Grant and fundraising efforts to support the program

Contact Jeff Wade with any questions about FarmSLO or to be involved in farmer programs,



We held three farmer gatherings during 2019 and plan to do more. These were the first events that brought together farmers participating in the online Google Group to communicate, share issues and needs and to help farmers who you may not know!


How to Get Involved in the Farmer Google Group:

 Step One: Send an email to to receive an invitation to join the Farmer Google Group. Include your Farm name in the message. Another way to connect is to Click Here for our Contact Us form.

Step Two: Accept the invitation, it will expire in a few days after it is sent. Then you may send emails to the Group, for all to see. More than 50 farmers are currently participating.

Step Three: Watch for email messages from SLO Farmers and participate in the communications. Post your needs or useful information for other farmers to see by sending an email to the group. We are creating a local, small farm community.

Going forward: Watch for Get Together opportunities. Volunteer to be part of a Planning Team. Come back to this webpage to see Updates with useful information, in case you miss the Google Group emails.

If you are not a farmer but want to assist the small farm community, send Jeff Wade a message, the Slow Money SLO non-profit Executive Director or make a donation Here. 

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