We live within an abundant farm and ranch community, but accessing grass-fed meats from local sources is currently out of reach of the general population. There is a gap between our farms and ranches and the dinner tables in our neighborhoods, and Greener Pastures will bridge the gap. For many years, researchers, producers and agricultural officials have sought a solution to the dilemma a small producer faces in trying to reach markets adequately. There is hard-earned money left on the table every time a producer takes animals from the ranch to the livestock sale, and healthfulness degrades as each animal makes its way through the conventional production process. Until now, there was no way to bridge the producer-to-consumer gap directly and reliably while remaining profitable. Greener Pastures is the solution.

Greener pastures will pay ranchers a higher price for their pastured, healthy livestock than they would otherwise receive at the livestock auction. We will pick up the animals, process them at a USDA-inspected facility, and bring them to the butcher shop for cutting and wrapping to order, all at a price the average family and business can afford. We accomplish this by coordinating a year-round harvest schedule with ranchers, who will be happy to work with us for the higher return on their livestock and pick-up service, and by building our sales volume within one year to a level that will sustain a lower price for our customers. The volume we will need to attain will be supported wide delivery to businesses at prices that are competitive with conventional (factory-farmed and feedlot) meats, which combined with our reliable quality through knowledgeable harvesting and old-world style cutting techniques will take us to the front of the competition.

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